Project: Customer Brand Video

  • Created by: MFX Studio Team
  • Completed on: 17th June 2020
  • Skills: Video/Audio Editing, SFX
  • Client: Briteside Communications

Project Info:

Marketers today know video is a critical component of any successful marketing campaign and with 85% of people wanting to see more video from brands in 2021, video will help you stand out in a crowded market and increase your brand value.

Increased brand value means:

  • greater brand loyalty
  • less susceptibility to competitive marketing
  • higher margins
  • increased effectiveness of marketing communications

Videos engage our senses more than any other form of content. Seeing it and hearing it are the next best thing to tasting, smelling and touching.

Videos are proven to make information easier to consume and they’re entertaining!  When a viewer is engaged with a video, they will retain 95% of its message, compared to just 10% when only reading.

Our customer, a startup marketing communications agency with a limited budget, understood the importance of video and prioritised a simple brand video before launching.